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The guy who wrote the ZDF MediaTek plugin, Rold Ernst, can be found at
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I asked him if he could do the same for the ARD MediaThek, he said would look into it when he has time.

Regarding RTL, Vox, Kabel1 etc, many of these require that you have a german IP Address before you can view them, just like the BBC iPlayer wants you to have a UK address. MYFREEVPN or similar sites are good for giving you a VPN connection to a UK or German server, which in turn will give you a UK or German registered IP Address.

What would be great, would be if plugins like the iPlayer or ZDF MediaThek allowed you to establish a VPN connection as you switch channels...

btw..... ZATTOO allows you to watch streaming UK or German TV, you do need a local IP Address before they will even let you download it though. A swiss IP address will allow you to watch live UK, German (including Sat1 and Pro7) Italian and French TV via Zattoo.

One day this will all come together.... I wouldn't even mind paying for a UK or German TV License to watch their stuff....

Cheers, Rowvina

sorry for the typo... Rolf Ernst is the guy, not Rold :-s

Hi Rowvina,

thanks for the very very very quick reply :-)
So if there is a plugin for RTL or any German TV sender that would be great. I'm from Germany so I can watch them without any VPN-stuff. It's unbelievable that rtlworld is asking for an IP-adress from Germany - I've never tried to connect to this site from outside Germany  :-\. My hope is that they will create a streaming device which can access every video website. that would be great.



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